Calling All Bloggers

Hey iPandas!

Today GamerX19 Has released the application to get the Sensei Blogger Hat.

Calling all bloggers!

  • Posted on April 14, 2013
  • by GamerX19

Hey pandas,

In the last few days you may have seen other players wearing the sensei hat, this hat shows that the user is a dedicated iPandanda blogger; they have their own iPandanda releated website. If you would like to apply for the sensei hat click here. Below is a demo of how you could fill in the form.

Demo Form

Please be patient, every blog has to be checked by our security team.



It’s as simple as that! Comment below!


Mods… Mods…. EVERYWHERE!

Hey iPandas!

While I was hanging out in Bear Hollow today like I always do, GamerX19 came on. Then Esther. Esther invited us to a party at the Purple Door. Then Kate came!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 15.55.07

This was so fun! Comment below!